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Dakota Winds Farm is dedicated to promoting the Miniature horse breed and does so through a variety of venues:

» organizing the annual Meaford & St Vincent Fair's Miniature Horse Show
» public events - demonstrations, lectures
» parades
» therapy work
» school visits
» training and lessons (for horses and humans)
» clinics
» support of MHCO (Executive, Treasurer, Advertising & Promotions Coordinator) www.mhco.ca
» Georgian Triangle 4H Miniature Horse Club -- Former Leader
» farm visits & educational tours
» competing on MHCO/AMHR Sanctioned Show circuits both locally and in the United States,
...Fairs & other local Miniature shows
» farm visits & educational tours
» competing on MHCO/AMHR Sanctioned Show circuits, Fairs & other local Miniature shows


Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit my website , Dakota Winds Farm Miniatures of Meaford, Ontario, Canada. My name is Carolyn Aarup and I have been involved with horses since the age of 7. I grew up riding English and Western and as a teenager, streamlined into the English Hunter circuit for the later part of my showing career. I have been an avid horse enthusiast all my life but only discovered Miniature horses later in my equine career.

I entered into the wonderful world of Miniature horses with the purchase of my first Miniature Horse, "Binger" (Soats Lil Golden Future), a palomino gelding on March 16, 2002. We originally purchased Binger for my young children to get accustomed to horses on a smaller scale. However, once we started driving Binger, I was hooked on Minis!

After much research into the breed, I decided that this was the type of horse I wanted to breed and train. I am now an active member of the MHCO (Miniature Horse Club of Ontario) www.mhco.ca , Meaford & St Vincent Agricultural Society, AMHA and AMHR (American Miniature Horse Association and American Miniature Horse Registry) and the OEF (Ontario Equestrian Federation). I am also proud to be the originator of the Open Miniature Ho rse Show which I started in 2003, held annually at the Meaford & St. Vincent Fall Fair. http://www.meaford.com/town/evnt_horseshow_miniature.html

Over the years, I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to give informative talks on the Miniature horse breed at public events such as the Meaford International Plowing Match, Meaford Renaissance Festival and Halton Place as well as MHCO events and other public equine events such as the Grey Bruce Farmer’s Week Horse Day (Elmwood). I have also written articles on Miniature horses and Miniature Horse Events for such publications as OEF Whoa!, Pets & Animals, Miniature World Showcase magazine, Horse Talk magazine, AMHR The Journal, AMHA Miniature Horse World, The Rider as well as various newspapers (Meaford Express, Owen Sound Sun Times, Hanover Post) and websites (MHCO, Lil Beginnings).

My husband Ken and I, together with our two daughters, Heather and Natalie, share the responsibilities at Dakota Winds Farm. Heather and Natalie accompany me on regular therapeutic visits with our Minis to local Nursing Homes and schools and we have participated in such parades as the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion, Canada Day and Christmas parades in Meaford, Owen Sound and Holstein. I have shown successfully at both the Local and National level with my Miniature horses winning multiple National Top Ten placings as well as training and showing them to AMHR HOF (Hall of Fame) status in Halter and Driving. Heather shows extensively with me in a variety of classes throughout the Ontario and US show circuits while Natalie prefers just showing at a few of the local shows. Ken is the wonderful husband I need: giving me moral support during foaling and showing season, designing and making costumes for the horses, maintaining our farm in general. He especially enjoys the miracle of birth each spring and spending time with the foals after they are born.

Farm namesake Dakota & Heather

I open my farm up to visitors on a regular basis to "Enjoy a Miniature Moment". I currently own a small herd of approximately 10 Registered Miniature Horses (with usually a few foals expected to arrive each spring ... look for the pink or blue balloons tied along the front fence line!), one large riding horse (Dakota), Harley the donkey. I welcome anyone to come and talk Mini with me and to "enjoy a Miniature Moment"!


I believe the best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a Registered Miniature horse is to purchase from a responsible breeder. It is my philosophy as a responsible breeder to keep my herd small so I can devote individual attention and training to each and every horse at Dakota Winds Farm. I strive to breed excellent quality Registered Miniature horses with exceptional temperaments. Since I only offer a few horses for sale each year, I am able to give my clients excellent customer service and the personal attention they deserve. I also provide training services and lessons for Halter and Performance disciplines for the Miniature Horse Show ring and again, I keep my client base small so I can give the most attention possible to my clients and their horses.


I feel the Miniature horse breed can teach us a valuable life lesson: everything in t his world, no matter how small, has a purpose. Each of our Miniature horses has brought with them a unique and special quality that has enhanced both mine and my family's life. For this, I am forever grateful. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me with my passion for Miniature horses.

Thank you to my family who has stood beside me while I pursue this passion. Thank you to my many mentors in the MHCO who have given me so much guidance and encouragement; there are too many to name but they know who they are. I have met so many wonderful people in this "Mini world" and for this too I am forever grateful. And most importantly, I want to thank all my beloved horses, if not for them, none of this would have ever been possible.

- Carolyn

Dakota Winds Farm References & Testimonials




Aug 17, 2015

Hi Carolyn,

We all really enjoyed the lesson and the visit with you yesterday !!

Goldie looks SO good and we are so happy to see how she is developing into a bright and calm young driver ...... she def takes after her mom ( Spirit )

You are an amazing trainer and have all what it takes to train a mini !!! The patience and know-how is your forte for sure, but mostly your unconditional love for the minis and
ability to see and train them to be and perform their very best !! You can quote and use this where ever you please Smile emoticon

Thank you again for taking Goldie in ....and we cant wait to see her debut in the show ring on Saturday

Aug 23, 2015 Update: Thx again Carolyn for a great day yesterday (Carolyn showed her in two driving classes and Goldie won 1st in both)!!! You and Goldie look wonderful together !!!!

See you then
Lone & Tom Swaffield
(Goldie was in driving training with Carolyn July/Aug 2015)

Photo credit: Alysia Reichertz

Posted on Face Book March 2015
Faith Dennis
March 2 at 4:04pm

I would like to give a huge thank you to Carolyn Aarup and Traci Ducharme, thanks to these lovely women I was able to get in contact with my horse's breeder, Jean. Carolyn did so much research and I can't believe she put up with me for that long! And Traci was able to treat me with the knowledge that my horse's mom has a wonderful home with a wonderful family that really makes me happy, not to mention she gave me Jean's email :p. So to wrap it up, thank you ladies for helping me find my baby's history :D

January 2015
- Thank you card received from Katherine Finley who is interested in getting into Miniature Horses.

December 2014

"Thank you for all your help in finding a special horse for Kiersten. She is 'over the moon'! Also thank you to your girls for sharing their Mom at the shows and allowing us to ask our many questions."

Glenn, Deb & Kiersten VanHoffen

July 19. 2014

Thank you so much, Carolyn, for welcoming our pony club to your farm this spring and teaching us all about your minis! The kids learned a lot and loved being able to interact with your minis, especially jumping them over that little jump, so fun!

Heather Cole Brownlow

July 2, 2014

I wanted to really thank you for the time you spent with Dusty and I yesterday it was so kind of you. We learned so much and you've really sparked an interest in dusty to drive!
Your horses are beautiful! They truly reflect your care and passion. I'm no longer looking through rose coloured glasses at these minis...
I am educated and have a great foundation thanks to you! You're a very lovely person and we're lucky to have met you.

Michele Duivenvoorden

I took my first driving lesson from Carolyn Aarup of Dakota Winds Farm here in Ontario. She is a very competent and knowledgeable trainer! Happy to see her horses being featured in Horse Illustrated! Congratulations!
Post on Face Book March 31, 2014 - Jacqueline Kinsey

Thank you card received in the mail in November 2013 from Bonnie Gareau whom Carolyn helped find her "dream dapple mare" in Miniature. - Jacqueline Kinsey

Hi Carolyn,

Oh my gosh, Kham, I have never seen such a quiet colt. We checked him often on the way home and he never nickered or stomped around, he just stood like an old seasoned horse, amazing. When we got home ... we just opened the back door and gave him a minute to check things before he stepped down to come out, he looked around and we walked to the barn I let him loose in the pen, he checked the hay and started to eat.

He is my Christmas present, birthday and anniversary gift from John. So excited. Shawn and I took pictures for transfer and he just stood there. I am not used to such a quiet horse. He is so neat coloured. He acts like this was just meant to be, thanks for making it possible for us to own such a sweet guy, I have been looking for a while, as you know, so glad I didn't wait until he was gone.

Thanks for the pic and info. Yes it would be so nice if we lived closer. So nice though to know people and have such great friends. So happy for you that you have been able to take your horses to the top, well done girl!!!! Meaford is such neat town, they have it decorated so nice.

Better get busy, have to spend time with my horses, He He.
Thanks again,



Picture courtesy of Carolyn Aarup
October 2013 - Dakotawinds Khamsin (Kham) going home with his new owners John & Rhonda Francis

Photos courtesy of Heather Aarup

Sept 20, 2013
Message from Katrina Joosse (owner of Menageries High Noon Supreme aka Tucson)
on Facebook

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for posting those pictures of my and Tucson! They are great :)

I also wanted to thank you again for all of the hard work you put into Tucson this year and helping me achieve my first National Titles. I really appreciate all the work you have done and Tulsa wouldnt have happened without your hard work and dedication. So thank you again!

You have taught me some things i am going to take with me forever and I feel I already have a step up in the game for Next years show season. I really hope i can continue to learn from you and continue to bring out the best in my driving horses. I will also to be sure to keep you updated on little Tucson :)

Talk soon, Katrina!

July 2013

"Hi Carolyn:

Love Vanna to bits - such as sweet girl - gentle and soooo soft :) Poor tired little girl made it home in one piece but what a big day she had.

Borasco's new leather halter looks great on her - didn't fit his nose anyway (that's what I told him). I had promised him that she could not use his show harness, but I am waffling now. Will have to order her a regular harness and harness bag this week and get the paperwork in.

Thank you again - she is so perfect


HCHA DrIving Clinic  

"Driving Clinic Instructor

If you or your club are looking for a instructor to put on a miniature driving clinic I highly recommend Carolyn Aarup . Carolyn asks you what you want to cover but we did 2 clinics and that way we went home and practiced after the first one and at the second one we did mostly all driving and and we covered the bits, harness, conditioning, carts, what the different classes are and safety, and on top of all that we drove our horses and Carolyn does hands on with everybody helping them. On top of all that we had a great day.

She is so gracious and has so much knowledge of driving and different situations and I cannot say enough of how much we have learned and had so much fun doing it never ever had a clinic where the instructor did so much one on one and helped everybody from harnessing, to conditioning and answered every question we asked her. What a awesome day. Cant wait till we can do it again.

If wanting to get in touch for her for clinic, or looking for someone to train your horse to drive, or anything here is Carolyn website."

Post by Cathy Fisher on Face Book June 16, 2013 re: HCHA (Haliburton County Horseman's Association) Driving clinic held in Minden Ontario On June 15, 2013

Pictures courtesy of Cathy Fisher from both Driving clinics held in Minden Ontario (May 11 and June 15, 2013)

Hi Carolyn

Thank you so much for the clinic yesterday Carolyn, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and it has kick started me back into helping little Comet get back into the cart once again.

When you mentioned 'half halts' it really gave me a jolt as I realized that I had forgotten all about such things or at least they had gone to the back of my mind. I was just ambling along in the cart with Comet as a pet and that is wrong he is better than that and it is time for me to get back into action. We have an arena to work in and I know that I have no problem getting Cheryl into the whole thing, the problem is me.

You gave a fantastic clinic, all the participants were given equal attention, and everyone was given individual help with their horses and I was amazed to see how you were able to bring out the best in each horse when you was driving it.

I am hoping that you will be giving more clinics soon, do you have any planned or booked as I would really like it as it would be so good for both Cheryl and myself to attend, your way of teaching is perfect for what we need.

Anyway thanks again

Best wishes
June Spooner - June 16, 2013

Photo courtesy of Maddi and her horse Copper

Hey Carolynn ! :-)

I just wanted to thank you for everything ! I sure would not be were I am today without you help !!

You have helped me so much and got me where I am today without your help I wouldn't have been able to be were I am with horse !!!
You are such a great help and your work with horses is amazing :-)

Thank you so much I hope I see you around in the summer ! :-)

Carolyn you are a great Leader thank you :-) "

June 4, 2013 message to Carolyn from Maddi Wright (Georgian Triangle 4H Miniature Horse Club member when Carolyn was their 4H Leader)


"We were very fortunate to have you handle him for us. I can't think of anyone else I'd want or trust with him Carolyn Aarup. Thank you for doing an excellent job with him, you were awesome, thanks Carolyn Aarup"

Post on Face Book May 22, 2013 by Kerstin Madsen owner of "Ace"

Photo credit: Colin Wilcocks (Katrina Joosse)

Photo credit: Victoria Jeffery

"Would like to thank Carolyn Aarup for training my mare for me she did a lovely job, this is my second Miniature horse I had trained by her. Best clip job I have ever seen. Thanks again Carolyn Aarup well done ... you are an amazing person."


Message on Face Book May 23, 2013 by Susan Taylor - owner of BJ and Bob

" Hi Carolyn, Hope you had a safe trip back home and all is well. Thank you for your dedicated enthusiasm for mini horsemanship and for sharing your time and knowledge to help us with our equine /training driving. So many aspects/changes in harness and positioning of cart, etc, make so much sense when you have someone with experience to point you in the right direction. Dusty seemed much happier in the end and that makes us feel great together.
....I have lots to learn. Looking forward to June clinic. Keep up the good work."

Grace Junkin - email feedback from May 11, 2013 Minden Driving Clinic taught by Carolyn


January 6, 2013

Hi Carolyn:

Thank you for allowing me to have that one special miniature that I was looking for. He is absolutely perfect in every way. Working with you has been a pleasure and it is clear that you are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the breed. Thank you for breeding miniature horses of such exceptional quality.


Donna (new owner of Dakotawinds Borasco)
Beamsville, Ontario

December 21, 2012

I read in the Work & Play in North Grey about the awards Fox & you have received as well as other honors. Congratulations to the horses and especially to you. The horses, from your beginning in miniatures, have all been magnificent but without your dedication to perfection they would simply be good. You make them great. I am very pleased to have been associated with you at the beginning of the journey and I wish you continued success.

I would like to wish you and your family (including the four legged members) a very Merry Christmas and I hope 2013 brings you good health & happiness.

Geoff Solomon


October 2012

Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so much for allowing us to come to your farm for a tour ... something our children have waited a long time to do! We will send pictures soon.

Sarah Bosch & family (& friends)



October, 2012

In addition to to Carolyn's proven talent as a professional trainer and many accomplishments in the showring, she has bred some lovely animals that clearly exhibit great conformation, style and the ability to perform. When I went to her farm to meet the "herd" and see her 2012 foal crop, I was so taken with just how friendly and bold the foals were! It was obvious to me that they have had the care, handling and training that they needed to have their best possible start in life. I am beyond excited to have purchased Dakotawinds Xlokk, and love that she is everything I want in one package; pretty, athletic and smart. I can't wait to drive her one day! "Flox" is now a very much loved member of our family, and willingly tolerates the many hugs and kisses from our 3 yr. old daughter daily. Thank you Carolyn!


Carla Bowler-Sundermeier
Pinewood Stables Miniatures and Performance Horses
Markdale ON.

Oct 16, 2011
Ken and Carolyn,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience purchasing a horse (Dakotawinds Papagayos aka Fang) from your family. You have been great to work with from coming up to look at your babies. Letting me take my time with him, feeding me lunch, letting me inner act with the parents. which I would like to say by the way are amazing. especially the stallion. what a well mannered boy he is. You handling all the paperwork to get him across the border was seamless. It made it so easy for me to get my baby back home to the states.
I know I have a great horse, but I also have made a life time friend. And I must say that he is so well rounded and easy to handle. I could not ask for a better baby. He is amazing as are you.
Thank you again for a wonderful baby and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

All my best,

Sue Zuber (owner of Dakotawinds Papagayos aka Fang)
Churchville, NY USA


October 19, 2011

I recently had the pleasure meeting Carolyn at a MHCO show, she was extremely busy but found time to chat with me. Since that time we have become good friends, and I have bought from Carolyn, the gorgeous colt Dakotawinds Pampero, aka Royal. Aside from the delightful fact that I have found a friend in Carolyn, she has been a pleasure to do business with in every way. She is honest in her presentation of her stock, you get a full critique of her horses, what she considers their good points and also (refreshing) any points she considers could be improved upon. Her attention to detail is second to none, and her paperwork is presented in a manner that is easy to understand and use. I would recommend Carolyn as a breeder/trainer of miniature horses. She has made the process of buying a horse from her a pleasure and one I would certainly repeat.

Jane Parker. Conundrum Border Terriers and Miniature Horses

Hello Carolyn,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to own Bowie!

I am so proud of myself and Bowie!! We are very busy here setting up after the renovation that I do not get as much time with all the beasties as I would like....BUT..I snuck out there last night and worked with him in his stall. Just saying hi and getting him used to me. Well, guess what?! Oh, he is smart! He came up to me in the field and let me put his halter on tonight when it was time to come in!! One day and he's figured it out. He's also getting used to Francesca. We were making friends with him at the fence today. So, all is well. : )

Thank you so much,
Yolanda VanKeeken (April 2011)
Owner of Dakotawinds Matanuska ("Bowie" now renamed Topper)


Brubu with his new family, The Lackners
October 2010

July 2 010

Carolyn & Sirocco,
Thank you for such a wonderful visit. The time that you have shared was something that we will always remember.

The Folks at Central Place Retirement Home, Owen Sound

Photo courtesy of Melanie Gray

I went out on the spur of the moment to the sale because I say on the web site you had two horses in the sale and I knew they would be good horses, handled and cared for in all the co rrect ways. I am very please to have Summer in our programs and she has fit in and giving back to help others after just a couple of days here, she has also become a friend to my other mini Radar (REALIZE AMAZING DREAMS ARE REACHABLE) who generally gets employee of the month but he might have some competition now with his partner Summer.

Melanie Gray, AMHA judge
Melody Acres/Partnersinprocess July 2010


Note: Summer has gone to a wonderful new home where she has a very special purpose in a therapy program in Owen Sound called "Partners in Process Equine Learning Centre" run by Melanie Gray (certified with EAP & Equine Massage specialist). This is an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Life Skills learning program which helps many different types of problems that affect people of all ages including Behavioral issues and Relationship issues.
Each program is titled using the letters from the horse's name. Summer's program is called
Someone Understands Me My
Energy Rocks
(Someone Understands Me - My Energy Rocks)

For more information (including video) on this program, please visit www.partnersinprocess.ca or call 519-372-2527


Dear Carolyn,

Thank you so much for sending Josslyn & May the correct bit. May as been 'A-MAY-ZING' with our new cart. Many large families have enjoyed getting a cart ride when they come for visits. May is a hug hit with everyone young & older. Thanks again for all you've done to help make our cart purchase a success and thanks for making May available to us. She has been our pride & joy - a blessing to us & many of our dear friends..

God Bless,
Darlene (Currelley)"
Sept 2011
Dear Carolyn,

Thank you very much for helping us with the purchase of "May" ("Paddywhack Feliz May"), our first miniature horse! I am sure that we will have many years of fun and enjoyment with her. She is a sweetheart!

I would also like to say thanks for sharing her trophies, photos and her daddy's blanket. Thank you also for your help with registration transfer, and for sending a foal's halter in the event that she foals in the spring. It's hard to imagine such a tiny horse!

It helped me a great deal to know you wo uld be there for me if I had questions or concerns. I would highly recommend you as a breeder to anyone because of the professional and helpful manner before and after the sale.

I've included some pictures of May in her new home. I hope you enjoy them. I'll keep in touch!

Josslyn Currelley
August 2009

Dear Carolyn,

I was very excited to purchase Toro from you this year (2008). He fits right in with the other minis! He is such a sweetheart!
We couldn't have picked a better breeder to buy a mini from and don't ever stop what you are doing. He brought such tremendous joy and happiness to my life. You amazed me that even when a terrible thing has happened you still look on the bright side of things, and are always able to bring a smile to my face. Thank you so much. You are the best.

A Proud New Mini Owner,

Abby Orr (Grimsby, Ontario)
+ Toro


June Spooner & her Miniature gelding "Comet" showing at Meaford Fair's Miniature Horse Show, September 2008

"Carolyn, thank you so much for training Comet to be so easy to drive and a pleasure to be aroun d. We are having so much fun driving all over the trails on our property; you even got him over his water phobia! Showing Comet at Meaford in my first Miniature Horse show was one of the best days of my life and I couldn't have done it without you! We are looking so forward to next year's show season".
- Another satisfied client, June Spooner & Comet


Doug & Caroline Savage
(905) 936-6873

Angela & Dennis Merner
(519) 482-3702


"Just a note to thank you for taking some of your precious day to let us spend time with your wonderful Miniatures. I haven't seen either of my grandchildren so thrilled for a long time and still talking about them when they went home."

Sandra Perry

The "Mother & Daughter" team of Dakota Winds Farm

If you’re interested in learning about Miniature horses – what to look for, how to train them, and how to care for them – then Dakota Winds farm is the place for you. Carolyn Aarup has spent considerable hours helping us find, train and care for our “Tucker”. She is extremely professional and her warm, kind hearted manner shines through in everything she does. We are delighted to have Carolyn as a trainer and a friend.

Kelly & Mike Doherty
Old Trafford Acres
Proud owners of “Tucker”

"Dear Carolyn: Just a brief but very sincere note of thanks for taking your time to show our grandchildren your Miniature Horses. I was expecting that they would simply be viewing them from behind the fence -- giving them "hands-on" viewing along with an information session was unexpected but very generous of you. It was a learning experience for all of us and very much appreciated. We wish you all the best and hope you will enjoy the photo enclosed."

Marlene Bennett & family, Meaford

"Just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of both our hearts for all you have done for us ... your little Sirocco, who won so much and asks so little, is a hero beyond expectations for putting up with the costumes we make him wear and for guiding Wendy to her wins in the S pecial Needs classes at the shows."

Sandy Houston (519)370-2040 (Community Living Support Worker)
and Wendy Murphy (Special Needs exhibitor)

MHCO member, Wendy Murphy, proudly shows off her 1st place ribbon and Medallion
after showing Sirocco in the Special Needs Obstacle Class at the 2005 Orangeville Fair.


"Thank you for coming to visit our residents with your Miniature Horses. I think what I found most moving was the way the horse seemed to sense <resident's name withheld for privacy> vulnerability and remember how Sirocco was gently leaning towards his legs ... <the resident> was so quiet and contented at that time. Thanks again"

Mary Jane Elder,
Owen Sound Lee Manor Long Term Care
(519) 376-4420

Nicole showing Tansey at Chatsworth Fair 2006
"Tansey is doing well. A real pleasure to care for. She has a real personality."

Nancy Ballaugh-Evans

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the effort you put forth on behalf of my daughter and her friend in helping them get involved in Miniature Horses. You have proven to be a wonderful role model for my daughter, Lauren. Your enthusiasm connected the girls with Miniatures and has started a wonderful relationship with them."

Catherine Cook (905) 841-6723

"On behalf of our local agricultural producers, I would like to thank you for speaking at Horse Adult Day of Grey Bruce Farmers' Week 2006. I found your presentation very informative and enjoyable and that sentiment was certainly echoed in the survey evaluations we received from the audience.
Thank you once again for your contribution to the success of Grey Br uce Farmers Week. I look forward to possibly working with you again on future agricultural events."


Ray Robertson, P.Ag.,
Co-ordinator Grey Bruce Farmers' Week
(519) 986-3756

2006 Grey Bruce Farmers Week - Horse Day
Carolyn presents "Miniature Horses .... Enjoy a Miniature Moment"
Ken, my "Technical Advisor" runs the Power Point presentation

"Sincere thanks again this year for making our Seniors Fair wonderful. Your Mini horses & the children add such fun & make our residents smile. Thanks again."

Holly Fiegehen,
Life Enrichment Coordinator,
Meaford Long Term Care Centre
(519) 538-1010

One of many local school visits

"Dear Mrs. Aarup, Thank you for letting us visit your farm. We had so much fun. We liked feeding, petting, brushing the horses and holding the leash. They are all beautiful Minis. We liked seeing the baby horse and the "baby in the tummy" horse. We liked seeing the big horses too. Your friends at SKA & SKB"

Senior Kindergarten classes from St. Vincent-Euphrasia Elementary School, Meaford

Hi Carolyn –

I have been driving in the fields for the last two weeks or so making excellent use of this lovely weather. Tank is behaving beautifully and is so patient and tolerant of me learning to hitch. He is softening on the right side and his transitions are getting much smoother. Of course, his stop is so nice and he backs beautifully. I hope the weather holds out a bit longer so we can keep working and keep up this momentum. I have been doing ground work with him to continue to work on his flexibility <when the weather is poor> with the hopes that as soon as the weather turns for the better and the footing is good I can start driving again Thank you for the excellent work you did getting him started for me! I'm still tickled pink - right now, for me, he's the best horse in my barn! Again thank you so much for starting us out!

Take care,

Leanne Hopkins & Tank

October 2009

Photo courtesy of Leanne Hopkins

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