Our History

Heart Warmers started many years ago in a veterinary practice, where they were designed for use in small animals. The main purpose was to keep patients warm during and after surgical procedure. We found them so effective that a human line was developed.

Since our line of human Heart Warmers has been launched we have done extensive research into what makes our’s the best for human and animal comfort. There are many other heating and cooling bags out there. Some filled with flax, corn, rice and cherry pits. All of these provide some relief but fail terribly in many ways.

Ours provide moist therapeutic heat or cold without burning or freezing the skin on contact, weigh a lot less and yet provide exceptional effect.
None of the other products out there provide the same level of comfort. We use 100% Canadian grains with no GMO and everything is hand crafted here in Ontario.

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Holistic Health

Benefit of heart warmers:
1. Comfort when cold.
2. Provide moist heat.
3. Provide therapeutic cold.
4. Mold around design.
5. Less weight than others makes.
6. Soft warm flannel as cover
7. Pet safe.
8. NO GMO.
9. Reusable.
10. Exceptional for pain relief.
11. Exceptional for swelling.
12 Years of enjoyment.
13. Easy to use.
14. Wonderful aroma

Instructions for use of Heart Warmers:

1-2 minutes in the MICROWAVE on high.
(Shake after removing from the Microwave)

Place in a ziplock bag and freeze for 2 hours
(or store in freezer)
When needed remove from ziplock bag and apply directly to skin.

Do you suffer from ?

Do you need a therapeutic help?

Heart Warmers might be for you!!!

Head Ache

Tooth Ache

Ear Ache

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Arm Pain

Wrist Pain

Elbow Pain

Abdominal Pain

Sore tired feet

Menstrual cramps


Fibro myalgia



Post Operative recovery

Cold or Flu

Sore throat

Sore Eyes from strain

Hot Flashes


Knee Pain

Aches and pains from Pregnancy

Hip Pain

Sprained ankle

Rheumatoid Pain

Quick relief from the chills.


Heart Warmers as also excellent for your pet....

Warm up their kennel for a safe warm transport.

Excellent for post operative recovery.

Or just use them to warm their beds on a cold night.

Safe for pets.