Heart Warmers For Pets


Important information regarding patient care.

Attention all DVM’S and RVT’S

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Heart WARMERS were designed 10 years ago for use in both veterinary hospitals and as well as home comfort for discharged surgery patients. HW’s were used to manage core temperature during surgery, not only to keep them warm, but also to cool as well during the warm weather.

Our patients are not human, we do however treat them as if they were. Their needs both during and post surgeries are a little more complex then what we were trained to think.

After years of working in the veterinary field and watching my patients struggle to maintain their core temperature both during surgery as well as post operatively, it lead me to rethinking how we treat our patients. It was critical that we work with ingredients that were both non-allergenic and nontoxic. In the event of the HW being punctured and ingested by patient, all the while attempting to keep in mind the cost of installing or purchasing products ( equipment) to properly attain this goal.

We are pleased to report that “ HEART WARMERS” is that product that answers all of our needs.

Our product does not need to be replaced the first time a patient vomits all over it or comes into contact with other bodily fluids, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. HW does not need to be placed inside a plastic bag with the inherent risk of ingestion. The durable outer fabric ensures a longer service life than any other human product of similar design. Heating units cost many hundreds of dollars and you have only one unit then which patient receives the heat treatment?

This equipment has been tested in practices over many years with great success and has been fondly nicknamed “ HEART WARMERS’, but don’t let the name fool you. They are also EXCELLENT at freezing and can be used as an ice pack. There are no more ZIP-LOCK bags need to protect them and they can be directly applied right out of the freezer or microwave. They are water and stain resistant, can be cleaned and disinfected between use. All bodily fluids can be washed off and a quick spray of your disinfection fluid will insure proper use for your next patient.

Important things to remember about this product:

1. Designed for ANIMAL USE

2. Cost-effective

3. 100% natural filler. No GMO

4. Provide MOIST heat

5. Water & Stain resistant fabric

6. Non-Toxic to patients and staff

7.Years of testing

8. Small and large animal use

9. Portability


11. Excellent freezer pack

12. Conforms to the patient's body



Not effective methods--cost money to run.
Will cause burns and chance of electricution.

Sizes available are 9" x 9" and 19" x 5"

We take VISA, Master Card and AMEX

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