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What woman doesn't love jewellery! It therefore only seemed natural that I would start branching out into making more jewellery pieces.

My jewellery creations consist of precious and semi precious stones, sterling and fine silver as well as other metals. No two pieces are the same and the colour and design choices are endless.

I also can create individual pieces for specific needs.


Please write me and I will e-mail you photos of our current stock.




Pendants, earrings, and pins are available in an every changing range of One-of-a-Kind pieces.

Created out of semi-precious stones complimanted with silver, copper and many colours of glass, and with many themes and shapes, and features that are hand cast.

Please feel free to write for pictures and prices of my current stock.


The items shown on this page are just a small sampling of my work.

The items shown, may or may not be still available.


  Turquoise and Clear Quartz
31" in length
Brushed Stainless Magnetic Front Clasp

$135 Canadian

Fine Silver Cat Pendant
on a 22" chain

$65 Canadian

Blue Goldstone and Sterling Filigree Beads
Barrel clasp
approx 27"

$75 Canadian

Topaz and Sterling Silver
Accented with Purple Metalic Glass Beads
52" long

$20 Canadian


Coral and Fresh Water Pearls
With a Stainless Magnetic Front Clasp

$95 Canadian

Assorted Glass Pendants
many with sterling silver and/or copper inclusions
on 18" satin cord necklace with barrel clasps

$ 9.95 Canadian

I also have many bracelets, earings and pins.

Watch for my new hammered brass line.

I hope to have more examples posted soon.
Feel free to write for photos of other colour choices that might suit needs.